Engineering 3 + 2 Program

The University of Maine at Farmington’s 3 + 2 agreement with the University of Maine offers an innovative pathway to becoming an Engineer.

Today’s job market requires a different kind of engineer. She or he needs to be a good communicator, understand how engineering impacts society, and have a broader educational background as they aspire to higher level promotion opportunities.

To meet the needs of today’s engineer, the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) has partnered with the University of Maine (in Orono) to offer an innovative new dual degree program in Liberal Arts and Engineering.

Combining engineering and liberal arts programs is becoming more popular as engineers recognize the need for greater exposure to the humanities along with their technical skills, and also as engineers are called upon to work in community, corporate, legal, international and other diversified settings.

The Engineering 3+2 program is tailored for those interested in obtaining a degree in Engineering, but who want a liberal arts college experience at a smaller campus as part of their education.

As Maine’s public liberal arts college, the University of Maine at Farmington is uniquely qualified to offer the kind of educational experience that develops critical thinking and leadership development as it prepares students for successful professional lives in a complex and changing world.

Students enroll in the joint program by first applying to UMF, where they spend their first 3 years pursuing a University of Maine at Farmington B.A. degree, completing general education requirements and engineering prerequisites in math and science.

Bachelor of Arts options at the University of Maine at Farmington (3 years)

  • B.A. Environmental Science
  • B.A. Individualized Studies
  • B.A. Mathematics

Then, those in good academic standing will transfer directly into the University of Maine College of Engineering where they complete their B.S. in Engineering over the next 2 years.

Bachelor of Science options at the University of Maine (2 years)

  • B.S. Civil Engineering
  • B.S. Environmental Engineering

Students will receive a B.A. degree from UMF after the successful completion of their 4th year in the program, and a B.S. degree in Engineering from UMaine after completing their 5th year of study.

What Classes Might You Take?

Because the University of Maine at Farmington is a liberal arts college, every student – in every major – will take courses in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. This rich variety of academic disciplines at UMF will help you to develop the skills to complete a B.S. in Engineering.