Anthropology / Sociology
(Culture, Meaning & Society)

Degree Earned
Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration in sociology/anthropology

Sociology is the study of group life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Anthropology is the holistic study of the human condition, from the origin of our species to the development of culture and society in all of its diversity among ancient and contemporary peoples.

UMF’s Department of Sociology/Anthropology operates at the intersection of these dynamic and interdisciplinary fields, drawing from the best of both in order to foster the kind of global and comprehensive knowledge that is necessary for living, as committed and humane citizens, in our complex and increasingly trans-cultural world.


As a department, we are committed to developing comprehension of the social, cultural and biological diversity of humans across the globe and through time, with an emphasis on examining structures of power and points of inequality. We aim to do this by providing opportunities for student-faculty interaction through fieldwork, research and mentoring experiences, and by promoting active citizenship by linking student-led research with the needs and interests of local, state and regional communities.

Our Sociology / Anthropology program is meant to be a springboard for life after college. A heightened aptitude for interacting with others, assessing social situations, and conducting socio-cultural research will prepare students for further academic study and / or for pursuing careers in social services, public health, government / public policy, criminal justice, archaeology and cultural resource management, cultural interpretation, social justice advocacy, urban planning, non-profit organizing, and community / international development, among many other possibilities.

What Courses Might You Take?

Because the University of Maine at Farmington is a liberal arts college, every student – in every major – will take courses in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. In addition, you will also get to choose interesting classes specifically tailored to this program, such as:

ANT 103S Human Origins and Cultural Development
ANT 235S The Culture of Capitalism
ANT 255S Performance: Culture, Meaning, and Society
ANT 275S Gender, Development and Globalization
ANT 365 Medical Anthropology
SOC 301 Sociology of Deviance